So I am in Trader Joes and every avocado is hard as a rock. I need 15 to make the guacamole for an afternoon pool party and I have yet to find a single one that is even close to being ripe. I let out a frustration sigh and a woman also searching says, “Guacamole? You could always use the pre-made”. To which I responded, “Never!” and continued hunting.

Before moving to California my only points of reference were cooking shows and California Cooler commercials:


I was happy to find that reality was pretty close to the commercials :).

One of the first people I became friends with in Northern California was Francoise. She was and still is a ball of energy. One day at work she said that if I wasn’t doing anything that evening, to stop by her house. Nothing big just friends and drinks. It was a perfect bay area evening in San Jose. When I arrived at her terra cotta villa she was grabbing limes off the tree in the front yard. Several guests and I packed her kitchen and drank margaritas, then French began the ritual I still follow today whenever I make guacamole.



Simply use all fresh ingredients, add love then eat it with good friends.

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